• 13 - 16 September 2017 | The Avenue, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town


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Presentation topics

Tim Turvey

  1. Simultaneous Condylectomy and Orthognathic Surgery for Overgrowth Conditions.
  2. Orthognathic Surgery Following Misadventures in Facial Trauma Surgery.
  3. Creating Facial Harmony by Addressing Balance, Projection and Symmetry.
  4. Midface Advancement in Facial Cleft.
  5. Bone Graft Construction of the Cleft Maxilla and Palate

Jeffrey Posnick

  1. Cleft Orthognathic Surgery: Historical Perspective and Current Surgical Results
  2. Long Face Jaw Growth Pattern: Airway, Facial Aesthetic, and occlusion Results
  3. Short Face Jaw Growth Pattern: Airway, Facial Aesthetic, and occlusion Results
  4. Asymmetric Mandibular Excess: Diagnosis and Surgery. Does the Mandible Continue to Grow After Orthognathic Correction?
  5. Rhinoplasty from Simple to Complex

Steve Sullivan

  1. Airway Considerations in Treatment Planning: Enhancing or Mitigating the Effect of Mandibular Movements
  2. In-Office Virtual Surgery Lab: The Next Step in Digital Surgical Planning
  3. Segmentation of the maxilla to enhance fit, finishing and esthetics
  4. Why surgical sequencing matters: Implications on accuracy

Johan Reyneke

  1. On the shoulders of giants
  2. Patient matched facial implants
  3. Surgery first: a critical review of orthodontic and surgical sequencing.
  4. Considerations for the treatment of Hemi Facial Microsomia

Larry Wolford

  1. Common TMJ Conditions that Affect Orthognathic Surgery Treatment Outcomes.
  2. Orthognathic Surgery: Update on Surgical Techniques, Occlusal Plane Alteration, Virtual Surgical Planning.
  3. Sleep Apnea: Identify and Manage the Three Major Areas of Upper Airway Obstruction
  4. Orthodontics for Orthognathic Surgery: Pre and Post Surgical Orthodontic Management.

Ed Lin

  1. Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Superior Diagnosis and Treatment Planning and Active Therapeutic Treatment In Digital Orthodontics w/ SureSmile
  2. Digital Orthodontics/SureSmile and Its Benefit for Orthodontic Treatment for Both Surgical and Non-Surgical Cases
  3. Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs)/Skeletal Anchorage As An Alternative to Orthognathic Surgery for Complex Orthodontic Cases
  4. An Update On Intraoral Scanning and 3D Printing In Dentistry for Both Orthodontics and Oral Surgery

Bill Arnett

  1. 3D orientation for improved result
  2. Large mandibular advancements without TMJ surgery
  3. Multi segment transverse stability
  4. The History of Jaw Surgery from 1974 to Present

Gabi Millesi

  1. Surgery first in the correction of open bite deformities.
  2. Risks of segmentations in orthognathic surgery.
  3. Surgery First and advanced Surgery in Class II and III cases.