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Netcare Milpark Hospital

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Netcare Milpark Hospital, Guild Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Netcare Milpark Hospital is renowned way beyond our borders for world class specialised care.

Our hospital was the first private facility in South Africa, and one of only three to date, to achieve Llevel 1 accreditation by the Trauma Society of South Africa. A multidisciplinary trauma team provides highly specialised medical care to patients with life threatening, complex medical conditions and traumatic or burn injuries.

The Netcare Milpark breast care centre of excellence is one of only a few centres outside the USA with international accreditation for its excellence in breast care, and our stroke unit has received international stroke ready status.

Our facility is also well known for our range of cancer care services, including non-invasive Gamma Knife radiosurgery, and for cutting edge cardiology, cardiothoracic, ECMO, and heart and lung transplant services. A third of our 456 beds are critical care beds to optimise care of critically ill or injured patients.

We centre our care around the unique needs of each patient. Aligned with Netcare’s focus on enhancing patient care through bespoke digital technology, we were the first Netcare hospital to implement CareOn, a pioneering system that automatically records all clinically relevant data on a patient’s unique electronic medical record. Doctors can remotely view their patients’ clinical information in real time at any given moment, to always make informed clinical decisions.